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​Welcome to the Island of Sodor
The Island of Sodor is home to Thomas, Percy and all their friends. Because Sodor is full of busy railways, bustling towns, exciting locations, and unique characters, it means there's so much to explore. The Destination Discovery Set™ offers Percy as a guide, so toddlers can explore the unique sights and sounds of Sodor with a very special friend.

​A Talking, Singing World of Play
Railway Pals™ toys unlock a world of fun and discovery while teaching toddlers about letters, numbers, colors and directions. This interactive train set allows children to experience the world of Thomas & Friends™ in a fun, educational way. Featuring some of the most popular locations from the TV show – like Tidmouth Sheds, McColl's Farm and Knapford Station – this exciting toy bring the Island of Sodor to life. With 9 activation points and over 50 sounds, songs and phrases, this busy train set offers so much to explore. When toddlers roll Percy over the activation points, he'll teach them about letters, colors and counting. He'll also tell children about specific locations on the Island of Sodor. For even more fun-filled play, toddlers can spin the drum on Tidmouth Sheds to see it light up, raise and lower the crossing gates, use the cargo loader, spin the windmill, and change Percy's direction with the turntable.

​Benefits of Play
Railway Pals™ toys aren't just designed to be educational, they're designed to be fun! The cheeky, playful sounds, songs and phrases will keep children engaged with character-driven content that's unlike any other, and totally unique to Thomas & Friends™. Of course, it's great to know that while children are playing and using their imaginations, these adorable characters are also teaching them about letters, numbers, colors and directions. This Destination Discovery™ Set can also promote motor skills through reaching, stepping and grasping. Plus, as toddlers press Percy's light-up bumper, explore the activation points, spin the drum on Tidmouth Sheds, load and unload cargo, and use the turntable to change Percy's direction, it can encourage thinking skills and understanding of cause and effect. And when children use their imaginations to create stories and adventures for Percy, it can also foster a positive emotional connection that can last throughout their childhood – and sometimes even longer.

Even More to Explore
The Railway Pals™ Destination Discovery™ Set includes Percy, and contains over 50 sounds, songs and phrases, which are activated by pressing Percy's light-up bumper, or rolling him over track activation points. But children can enjoy even more fun, educational content by using other Railway Pals™ interactive vehicles (sold separately and subject to availability)with this set. Each character has its own distinct music, phrases and sound effects that can be unlocked when used with the track activation points found on interactive train sets like the Destination Discovery™ Set.

​Welcome to the World of Railway Pals™
Railway Pals™ vehicles and train sets interact using activation points. Toddlers can press the light-up bumpers on the vehicles to hear sounds, songs and phrases, then roll them over track activation points found on the interactive train sets (sold separately and subject to availability)to unlock even more content. And the train sets connect, so playtime can expand with bigger track layouts and more Thomas & Friends™ characters. Plus, with multiple destinations and characters, each with unique content, it means that children can explore new friends and new locations for hours and hours. Collect the vehicles and connect the sets to build a talking, singing world of educational play!

What's in the box?

Set includes Railway Pals™ Percy train with cargo car, 2 cargo pieces, over 40 track pieces, 9 track activation points, light-up Tidmouth Sheds, Knapford destination, McColl's Farm destination, trackside cargo bin, turntable, and crossing gate
Roll Percy over track activation points to hear sounds, music and educational phrases that teach children about letters, numbers, directions (over/under and up/down), and colors
Press Percy's light-up bumper for additional music, sounds and phrases
Includes over 50 sounds, songs and phrases (using Percy's bumper and activation points)
Spin the drum on Tidmouth Sheds to see it light up
Raise and lower the crossing gate, or bump Percy's bumper into it to hear sounds and phrases
Use the cargo loader to dump cargo pieces into Percy's cargo car
Open the door on the side of Knapford to see Sir Topham Hatt
Windmill on McColl's farm manually spins
Use the turntable to rotate the train and change its direction
Set connects to other Railway Pals™ interactive train sets to create a world of educational play (each sold separately and subject to availability)
Track and activation points are compatible with other Railway Pals™ vehicles (sold separately and subject to availability)

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